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Change Log 2023

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Version 5.0.56 / 4.7.95 release on 10/02/2023

- bugfix: dbDeleteCellView() could cause a crash in certain circumstances.


Version 5.0.57 / 4.7.96 release on 10/02/2023

- bugfix: If creating a PCell, and the PCell creation failed e.g due to a syntax error, and the same cellView was open in an existing window, then a crash would occur. Now, if creating a PCell and the cellView exists, its window is closed and deleted before (re)creating the PCell.

- bugfix: Bad RGB values in techfile would give incorrect error message.

- enhancement: Python wrappers that return a list e.g. dbGetOverlaps() have performance improvements.

- bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when 'Show All Layers' in the LSW was selected after e.g. showing only system or user layers.


Version 5.0.58 / 4.7.97 release on 08/03/2023

- enhancement: Message dock window status (hidden/shown) is saved to preferences file.

- enhancement: When reading GDS with no techfile, layer names are just the GDS layer number (no preceding 'L') and similarly purposes are the datatype number.

- enhancement: Toolbars can be hidden and their status (hidden/shown) is saved to preferences file.


Version 5.0.59 / 4.7.98 release on 28/03/2023

- bugfix: Changing fill patterns in LSW to solid/empty/cross didn't always work as expected.

- bugfix: Fix issue that hierarchy browser could crash on Linux.

- bugfix: Hierarchy browser descend/ascend did not work as expected.


Version 5.0.60 / 4.7.99 release on 06/04/2023

- enhancement: Added selection filter toolbar. This allows control of type of object that can be selected e.g. rectangles, polygons, instances etc.

- enhancement: Added case sensitivity flag to Search dialog to allow e.g. case sensitive or case insensitive searching of instance names, text labels etc.

- bugfix: Export image to SVG was not working correctly.

- bugfix: Text import from DXF orientation error.

- enhancement: Export Image to SVG now works for OpenGL rendering.

- enhancement: The File->Export Image menu item has been moved to File->Export->Export Image, and remembers last image type / file name.


Version 5.0.61 / 4.7.100 release on 10/07/2023

- bugfix: NLP expression parser handles instPins that are bus pins now.

- bugfix: Fix a crash that could occur running boolean ops on hierarchical layout with unbound instances.

- bugfix: Fix a crash when deleting a layer.


Version 5.0.62 / 4.7.101 release on 21/07/2023

- bugfix: Schematic editor did not autoroute on inst rotation.

- bugfix: Autoroute on move did not always choose best branch point.

- bugfix: Undo/Redo improvements.

- bugfix: Move schematic inst created single point wires.

- bugfix: Move schematic inst created wires with bad coordinates.

- bugfix: Schematic editor schCheck() cleans up duplicate solder dots and wires.

- bugfix: Fixes and improvements to schematic move/rotate/align with autorouting.

- enhancement: Schematic and symbol editors support align command.


Version 5.0.63 / 4.7.102 release on 29/08/2023

- enhancement: LEF/DEF 6.0 reader/writer changes.

- enhancement: DEF support for 45 degree routing enabled.

- enhancement: DEF support for MASK construct enabled.

- enhancement: Techfile has new LAYER field 'mask' for mask number (colour).

- enhancement: DEF supports rectangles and polygons for special nets.

- enhancement: DEF RECT in nets now supported.

- enhancement: Paths that turn 180 degrees now have their turn extension of half width.

- bugfix: DEF 6.0 bug reading compressed DEF fixed.

- bugfix: Reading compressed DEF from command line now possible.

- bugfix: Export OASIS doe not write DEF ROWS.

- enhancement: Export OASIS and export GDS2 now have option to write H/VSegs as paths (the default) or rectangles.

- enhancement: Export GDS will automatically compress output if a filename with suffix '.gx' is used.

- enhancement: Import DEF has option to create pin text labels.

- enhancement: Import DEF has option to allow specifying view name on cmd line with the -dev_view option (which must preced the -def option).

- enhancement: cmd line option -gdsout_viewlist specifies a switch list for writing GDS2. The option *must* precede -gdsout and the viewlist is a space seperated list of view names, enclosed in double quotes. The views in the viewlist will be used when outputting a cell; the first view of the list will be used if it exists, else the next view etc..

- enhancement: cmd line option -oasisout_viewlist specifies a switch list for writing OASIS. The option *must* precede -oasisout and the viewlist is a space seperated list of view names, enclosed in double quotes. The views in the viewlist will be used when outputting a cell; the first view of the list will be used if it exists, else the next view etc..


Version 5.0.64 / 4.7.103 release on 10/09/2023

- bugfix: Fixed a potential hang when running ui().compare2() in threaded mode.

- bugfix: Fixed a bug writing OASIS with unbound instances.

- enhancement: Write OASIS defaults to writing viaInsts as cell refs.

- enhancement: Reading DEF pins with '.extraNN' style pin names strips the '.extraNN'.

- bugfix: Reading DEF with lef ORIGIN now handled correctly. Same with FOREIGN.

- bugfix: Fixed an issue when importing DEF with special net routing that could cause incorrect layer and/or width assignment.

- bugfix: ui::compare() / compare2() gave error and aborted if number of shapes on layers didn't match. Now gives warning and continues.

- enhancement: Added -def_met_pins option to create pin labels on pin layers, rather than TEXT layer.

- enhancement: Added -def_pin_extra_purpose to create additional pin shape on the specified pin layer purpose.

- enhancement: Techfile mapping to GDS/OASIS now supports multiple layer/datatypes on export. Format of a LAYER line is "LAYER name purpose L1:D1,L2:D2... L1:D1 rgb sel? vis? fillstyle linestyle valid? mask". The old format is still supported for backwards compatibility.

- bugfix: Import OASIS was referencing cells in a library from a previously imported library if cellname/viewname matched; now chooses cellView from same library by preference.

- bugfix: 2 point diagonal path bounding box could give zero width/height; better algorithm used.

- bugfix: GDS2 with invalid user units now automatically corrected.

- bugfix: SWIG helper functions e.g. getOverlaps() that return a list should not return null if no list entries.

- enhancement: Techfile settings for systems layers are now enabled correctly. Previously, setting system layer attributes e.g. GDS layer/datatype on 'boundary' 'drawing' did not allow lookup of these attributes via the getLayerGDSPair / getLayerGDSLayer functions.

- enhancement: Exporting GDS2 with no layer mapping silently dropped data. Now an error is given.

- bugfix: Better 2 point diagonal path bounding box.

- enhancement: LSW Show viewport layers / Show cellview layers was slow on large designs; several speedups made to improve the speed.

- enhancement: OVERLAP in LEF cuts macro boundary shape.

- bugfix: LEF ORIGIN alters macro boundary correctly.

- enhancement: -lefout and -defout cmd line options.

- bugfix: Fixed a GDS output bug when mapping layer to multiple GDS layer/datatypes.


Version 5.0.65 / 4.7.104 release on 09/10/2023

- bugfix: Fixed a crash occasionally when opening an abstract view.

- enhancement: Set export Oasis/Gds2 dialog viewlist to reasonable values.


Version 5.0.66 / 4.7.105 release on 16/10/2023

- bugfix: Fixed an issue where saving a library then trying to read that library caused an error.

- enhancement: Limit warnings about unconnected pins for DEF specialnets.

- enhancement: Apply button now works on Display Options form.

- enhancement: Apply button added to Selection Options form.

- bugfix: Ubuntu 22.04 did not display 2 canvases corretly.

- bugfix: Ubuntu 22.04 spurious openssl messages on startup.

- bugfix: Export GDS2 occasional crash fixed.

- bugfix: Hierarchy browser ascend/descend did not function as expected.

- bugfix: Fixed an occasional crash with > 1 window open and same technology.


Version 5.0.67 / 4.7.106 release on 19/12/2023

- bugfix: Filesizes of > 4Gb gave error on Windows owing to _fstat. Using _fstat64 now.

- bugfix: Swapping layer order by dragging layer widgets in the LSW was not working. Now, their drawing order is changed; higher order layers are drawn 'on top' of lower order layers.



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