Glade Reference


Glade (Gds, Lef And Def Editor) is a freeware IC layout editor capable of reading GDS2, OASIS, LEF and DEF. It can load and display large design databases with its fast, lightweight object-oriented database - for example load a 677,000 net / 482,000 special net / 1,210,000 instance DEF design in 880Mb memory in 72 seconds on a 3GHz PC. Or load a 270Mb GDS2 file in 5 seconds. Glade uses the Qt cross-platform GUI toolkit, and uses OpenGL for graphics when available to give superior display speeds, falling back to software rendering only if you do not have suitable hardware. Glade is currently ported to Windows, Linux and Solaris, so unlike most commercial IC viewer/ editors it will run on your PC laptop. Glade is extendable using Python scripting, allowing access to the database and gui via SWIG wrapping of C++ functions.

Features include:


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