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Change Log 2020

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Version 4.7.21 release on 18/01/2020

- enhancement: Edit window has python syntax highlighting

- bugfix: Export CDL wrote incorrect XY coords when using metres as scale factor.

- bugfix: Gemini wrote incorrect units in .err file for glade.


Version 4.7.22 release on 22/01/2020

- bugfix: Layer order now followed when drawing multiple layers. By default the layer order is as in the techfile/LSW, i.e. layers are drawn in order.


Version 4.7.23 release on 25/01/2020

- bugfix: Fixed a bug in compressPoints that could cause incorrect polygons with holes from dbCreateHole()

- bugfix: Fixed a bug in Edit->Chop that caused undo to fail

- bugfix: Switched on fast triangulation algorithm for OpenGL. Please report any issues rendering polygons as a result.


Version 4.7.24 release on 28/01/2020

- bugfix: Fixed a Python reference count issue in dbCreatePCell() that caused random instability, in particular in extraction.

- bugfix: Fixed a couple of memory leaks


Version 4.7.25 release on 21/02/2020

- enhancement: debugging using pdb no longer requires popup dialog for pdb commands; command can be typed directly into the message window cmd line.

- enhancement: enterprise version has file locking for multiuser environments.

- enhancement: dbCreateHole() has 2 new overloads:

shape = cv.dbCreateHole(Point *pts, int nPoints, int layer, shape *hull=NULL)

shape = cv.dbCreateHole(shape *hole, shape *hull = NULL)

- ellipse object has operator [], returning the point at index i


Version 4.7.26 release on 01/03/2020

- bugfix: layer valid attribute was not being saved/loaded to disk library.

- enhancement: new geomEdgeLength DRC check. Checks edges of one layer relative to edges of another layer, e.g.

geomEdgeLength(gate, active, 0.13, coincident, "Gate length < 0.13u")

This will check gate length (as the edge of the gate derived layer coincident with active).


Version 4.7.27 release on 09/03/2020

- bugfix: Undo did not work on deleted MPP.

- bugfix: MPP contact spacing algorithm improved.

- bugfix: Create MPP using infix mode did not choose last MPP rule.


Version 4.7.28 release on 26/03/2020

- bugfix: MPPs could have too many contacts in some situations

- enhancement: ui.addHilite() cmd now can take a net as its first argument. It then highlights all net shapes. This is for top level nets only i.e. no hierarchy tracing.

- enhancement: Added cv.dbFindInstsByRegExp(regexp), cv.dbFindNetsByRegExp(regexp) and cv.dbFindPinsByRegExp(regexp). These take a (string) regular expression as argument and find the objects matching the regExp.

- bugfix: Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a criteria to search dialog.


Verson 4.7.29 release on 16/04/2020

- enhancement: Stipple patterns internally held as 32x32 bit, but stipple pattern editor can now handle 8x8, 16x16, 32x32 pattern doisplay and editing.


Version 4.7.30 release on 21/04/2020

- bugfix: Issue reading fillstyles from old libraries caused by 4.7.29 bug.

- bugfix: Fixed some issues importing Cadence display.drf / techfile. Stipples 32x32 down to 4x4 supported (1 or 2 would be possible, but why...)


Version 4.7.31 release on 22/04/2020

- bugfix: layers with cross fill were not rendered as such in MPPs

- enhancement: Improved Cadence techfile parser for MPPs.

- enhancement: Support ordered spacing rules in Cadence techfiles.

- enhancement: Reuse linestyles. Previously reading a Cadence techfile could create 100's of (identical parameter) custom linestyles.


Version 4.7.32 release on 26/04/2020

- bugfix: Fixed a bug whereby the Query dialog was not always shown withing the current application window coordinates.

- enhancement: Keep library browser open at the current item when refreshed.


Version 4.7.33 release on 04/05/2020

- enhancement: Symbol editor Create Pin cmd can specify multiple pin names.

- bugfix: Export Verilog handles bus bit IOs from internal buses now using assign statements.

- bugfix: Crash occurred if a library was opened twice using dbOpenLib().

- bugfix: Changing an instance name to e.g. X0<7:0> when in spice compatible mode reverted to X0 during Create Instance. Now the bus info is retained.

- bugfix: Create Wire starting on a pin or instance pin did not snap to the origin or centre of the pin.

- bugfix: Fixed a bug where schematic check did not recognise buses with names containing e.g. numbers.


Version 4.7.34 release on 06/05/2020

- bugfix: Minor bugfix - problem when saving a library or techfile that caused stipple pattern to subtly change.


Version 4.7.35 release on 19/05/2020

- enhancement: -ng (no graphics) option uses QCoreApplication rather than QApplication so no widgets or gui stuff is created. All ui() cmds that require a gui will be ignored if in no graphics mode (e.g. selection, highlighting). All the File->Import and File->Export cmds can be used in no graphics mode.


Version 4.7.36 release on 25/05/2020

- bugfix: addProp() with a boolean or list property did not copy name, which could end up trashed.

- bugfix: Boolean properties shown on Query dialog / Create Instance dialog as true/false, not 1/0. PCell generation properly supports boolean parameters now.

- enhancement: New extraction cmds extractMOSDevice(), extractResDevice(), extractMosCapDevice(), extractBjtDevice(), extractDioDevice(). Similar to extractDevice() in that they accept a list of terminal layers and terminal name(s), but also have parameter extraction like extractMOS() etc. The terminal layer order must be adhered to e.g. gate, S/D, [bulk] for mosfets; anode, cathode, [bulk] for diodes; emitter, base, collector, [bulk] for bipolars. Note this also allows variable number of terminals per terminal layer.


Version 4.6.37 release on 05/06/2020

- bugfix: non-fatal exception was occurring while moving cursor over wires in schematic editor.

- bugfix: Crash in creating instance with DRD active in non-OpenGL mode.


Version 4.6.38 release on 16/06/2020

- bugfix: Fixed a potential crash with cmd line arguments.

- enhancement: pyLabel type labels now functional.

- bugfix: Mac version updated to Qt 5.15.0 to fix annoying window update bug.


Version 4.6.39 release on 27/06/2020

- bugfix: Various ui cmds failed in non-graphics mode.

- enhancement: ui cmds that do nothing / have no meaning in non-graphics mode issue an error message to the logfile.

- bugfix: Fixed various bugs in the DEF writer.


Version 4.7.40 release on 28/06/2020

- bugfix: Compare cells failed on cellviews containing only viaInsts or MPPs.

- bugfix: MPPs with layers using offset did not have offset displayed in query dialog

- bugfix: MPPs with duplicate layer definitions could not have layers edited correctly in query dialog.

- bugfix: Mfg grid (as defined in techfile) was not saved/loaded to library.

- bugfix: Gemini was not handling .scale / *.scale and property (w/l) scale factors such as um correctly.




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