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Change Log 2024

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Version 6.0.1 release on 23/01/2024

- enhancement: Made zoom in/out smoother on Mac.

- bugfix: Opening a gzipped oasis file did not give an error. Now it does, as this is not supported.

- bugfix: Opening a library with the same name as existing library and choosing discard didnn't delete the existing library correctly.

- enhancement: Dark mode support - better colour choice for message window, LSW etc.

Version 6.0.2 release on 12/02/2024

- bugfix: Tweaked the size of import/export GDS2/OASIS dialogs for limited size laptop displays.

- bugfix: GDS mapping for existing libraries did not set up export in version 6 correctly.

- bugfix: GDS export warning messages not output.

- bugfix: Fix a crash if a design with MPPs had its techfile reloaded to update MPPs.

- bugfix: Export GDS2 with path style extend and non-halfwidth extensions exported incorrectly.

- bugfix: Fix a crash if run in non-graphics mode (-ng) and dark mode.

Version 6.0.3 release on 01/03/2024

- enhancement: multithread the KD tree.

- bugfix: Querying a polygon gave missing 4th arg to coord.

Version 6.0.4 release on 04/04/2024

- enhancement: Import Cadence techfile uses a new Skill parser that can evaluate basic Skill expressions.

- enhancement: Improved performance of LSW refresh when dealing with 100's of layers.

Version 6.0.5 release on 21/05/2024

- enhancement: Improved schematic autorouter obstacle modelling.

- enhancement: Moving an instance or a pin autoroutes connected wires in realtime.

Version 6.0.6 release on 01/06/2024

- enhancement: Create Via dialog allows creating via with no net info (the default).

- enhancement: Import Cadence techfile parses cdsViaDevice types. However, not all features are supported - if anyone can provide the documentation for cdsViaDevice them this could be fixed.

- enhancement: Import Cadence techfile parses streamLayers section.



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