Glade Reference

Selecting Objects

In Glade, selected objects are part of what is called the selected set. You can add and/or delete objects from the selected set. Many commands work on the selected set e.g. move, copy, stretch etc.


Selection modes and types

Glade has 2 selection modes: Full and Partial. You can toggle between modes with the F4 key. Alternatively you can set the selection mode from the Selection Options form. The current selection mode is displayed on the status bar.

Full mode selects objects. Shapes, instances and via instances can be selected. Full mode selects objects that lie under the selection point or are contained in the selection area.

Partial mode selects edges or vertices of shapes such as rectangles and polygons, and centrelines or centreline vertices of paths. If selecting by area (left click & drag), any objects contained in the area are selected in full mode.

Glade has two selection types: Item and Net. You can set the selection type in the Selection Options form.

Item mode selects individual shapes, instances etc.

Net mode will select all shapes of a net if any shape selected is part of a net.


Making a Selection

The left mouse button is used to select objects. You can select or deselect individual objects by left-clicking on them; you can select or deselect multiple objects within an area by left clicking and dragging the mouse.

If the left mouse button is clicked while the cursor is over an object then any existing selected objects are deselected, and an object under the cursor will be selected if possible. Whether an object is selectable or not depends on if it's layer is selectable. You can control layer selectability using the LSW. If the layer is not visible, then objects on that layer will not be selectable either. If no object can be found to select, then the selected set is empty. The number of objects in the selected set is shown on the status bar.

If the object you have selected is not the one you wished, clicking again will select a different object. Each new click will select a new object, as long as you keep the cursor in exactly the same position.

Clicking and dragging the left mouse button performs area select. Any selectable objects contained in the selection area will be selected.


Modifier keys

The Control and Shift keys modify selection:

Holding down the Shift key while making a selection will add selected objects to the selected set.

Holding down the Control key while making a selection will remove selected objects from the selected set.


Select all / Deselect all

Menu commands and bindkeys exist for selecting all selectable objects in the cellview or for deselecting all objects from the selected set.


Selection Layer

The select layer in the LSW allows you to control how a selected object is highlighted. By default a white outline is used but you can change the colour and linewidth. Currently a fill pattern cannot be applied to selected objects.




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