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If you find a bug or get a crash when using Glade, please report it, else it may not get fixed!

If you do hit a bug, here is what will help get it fixed:

1) The stack trace and log file produced when it crashes. The stack trace, as it tells me approximately where in the code it's crashing, and the log file, so I can see what events led up to the crash and info like what hardware you are using and what version of the code you are running.

2) Ideally also the example that caused the crash – e.g. any files (techfiles, GDS files, libraries/ LEF/DEF etc) that were loaded, any PCell python files used, any DRC/Extraction or other scripts used. Often the example can be reduced, for example a DRC problem may just require data for a single layer, and a few lines of the rules file that run the check that is failing.

I realise #2 may be more difficult due to confidentiality but a confidentiality agreement can be signed if required. Some bugs are impossible to reproduce without data, especially ones relating to boolean processing/DRC/extraction.

Many trivial bugs have been fixed over the last year or so with the help of end users. So please keep repoprting them to Oh and make sure you have downloaded and used the latest version of Glade as the problem may have already been fixed!