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Glade has moved on to use the later MSVC compilers – currently 2013 – which don't by default support Windows XP. Let's face it, XP was introduced in 2001, and Microsoft dropped support for bugfixes/security issues in April 2014.

However there are still a few people out there who are still running XP. In fact this site's web browser stats shows about 5.6% of visitors, compared to 5.8% using Win8.1. Well behind Windows 7, Linux and Mac OSX.

So I've attempted to build an XP-compatible version of glade. It works, at least on a XP virtual machine I've tested it on.

It does require the VC runtime redistributibles, however installing these on an old system can be troublesome. You probably don't even want to try anything running less that XP SP3.

Any feedback appreciated.