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One thing about Linux (for those that don't read the README.txt file that comes with the disto):

– Lots of people are using Linux with Mesa OpenGL. Now Mesa is a software emulation of openGL, and its efficiency varies widely, but it's usually pretty bad.

So if you experience slow response, unpredictable effects etc. add to your .bashrc:


and this will use Qt's direct rendering capabilities rather than going via OpenGL and an emulator… it will be much faster.

The alternative, if you can, is to have a decent NVidia or similar graphics card (avoid Intel integrated graphics, they have no clue about openGL and their drivers are full of bugs). Install the NVidia driver on your Linux box, and make sure it's being used. This may not work if you are using a VM as usually the VM cannot access the GPU directly. However is you are using VMWare, make sure your're using a recent version (lik v11.x) and you should get the gallium accelerated drivers.

Note that on Windows and Mac, this should not be a problem as native OpenGL rendering is supported on most modern platforms via a GPU.