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I wonder, is it possible for to link Glade to the subsequently installed Python, in this case 2.7.15, and its accompanying 3rd party modules, instead of linking to the MAC OS system Python.

First download from: (64 bit only)

Unzip/untar to a directory of choice, then follow the instructions in the README.txt file. Note that for the embedded Python interpreter to work correctly you MUST set the env var PYTHONPATH to the directory where glade is installed, so it can find the module. The env var GLADE_HOME is recommended but not essential; Glade will attempt to locate the online html docs based on the app's location if this is not set.

NB prior to version 4.2.4, Glade was built with ActiveState Python. This caused several problems if you just tried to use the version of Python which comes with the Mac (thank you to the users who reported this!). So as of 4.2.4, Glade is linked to the Mac python (currently version 2.7).