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I believe I am encountering a compatibility issue between python 2.7.10 and the python requests library with python 2.7.15. I have set PYTHONPATH to the python 2.7.15 directory and that is all working swimmingly.

However, I receive a "ImportError: cannot import name _remove_dead_weakref" when I open Glade from the command line – "open". Interestingly, I've just realized that I do not receive this error when opening Glade from Finder.

I wonder, is it possible for to link Glade to the subsequently installed Python, in this case 2.7.15, and its accompanying 3rd party modules, instead of linking to the MAC OS system Python.

Glade is built with the current Python version (in my case it is 2.7.10) but will use the site libraries of your installation, depending where PYTHONPATH is set to.

Is there a particular issue you are encountering that is causing a problem with the default site libraries?