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When opening from the command line, you get the environment variables set in your .bash_profile. And presumably this is where you are setting PYTHONPATH.

Any reason why you have a 2.7.15 installation – the current version for an up to date MacOS is 2.7.10?

I am fairly certain that I could use 2.7.10 for my Glade scripts. However, my preference is not to develop using the Mac system installed Python. I believe the issues I am experiencing are the result of a conflict between Glade using the system installed Python and my script importing and using python libraries that are in a standard python installation. So I think the fix would be for me to either use the Python that shipped with my Mac for my Glade scripts or be able to configure Glade to use the standard python installation instead of the system installed Python that comes with the OS.

Is my understanding correct that Glade is linked to the Mac system python installation and there is no way to configure Glade to have it use a different python installation?

Thanks for your inputs. I really appreciate it.