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The latest build fixes some problems introduced in 4.0.30 due to the library browser becoming a dockable widget. One unexpected side effect of this was that certain bindkeys would get assigned weirdly, in particular many keys were mapped to the 'copy' command.

Another fix for a bug that has been in the code for a while corrects an issue where GDS attributes are used (e.g. instance names or net names). These would overwrite instance master cell names resulting in a corrupt database after stream in.

There has been a long standing bug that when displaying multiple windows in MDI mode, switching between them using next/previous could cause the window to go blank (well, black) until a redraw was done. This has been fixed.

I've also updated the OpenGL code to use framebuffer objects in preference to pbuffers if they are available. It seems to be working fine but if you see any weirdness please let me know.