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Well Christmas is over, and with it comes a new version of Glade. In 4.1.6, the Create Path command has been completely rewritten to make it (hopefully) more user-friendly.

It now allows path entry of either simple paths or shielded paths, with shielding optionally on the sides of the path and/or above and below the path.

Path entry also allows easy switching of layers to the next routing layer above or below the current layer. You just use the 'u' and 'd' keys while entering a path to switch up and down layers.

For switching layers, the path layers must be defined as routing layers, i.e. in the techfile you need to specify e.g.

FUNCTION V1 drawing CUT ;

etc. Also if you want a via added when switching layers, you must have a via defined between the two routing layers in the techfile. See the example.tch file for a typical setup.

Paths and their shielding can be undone; if you switch layers then each layer segment of the path is pushed onto the undo/redo stack, to make it easier to undo mistakes.

As always if you find any bugs please let me know.

Edit: Make sure you download the version compiled on 5th Jan, the earlier builds had a couple of bugs as a result of cleaning up the path rendering code.