Version 5.0.14 has a number of new features, one of them is support for callbacks. Often properties on a device are related; for example in a finfet device there are a finite number of possibilities for device width/length; the user can only specify them in terms of number of fins, for example. Callbacks allow calling…

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In the latest version (5.0.9 / 4.4.48) the ability to group objects has been introduced. You can select shapes or instances (or even other groups) and create a group from them. Then, the group can be manipulated like a single object – move, copy, rotate the group as if it was an instance. Groups can…

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Glade 5.0.2 and Python woes

Well migrating to Python 3 seemed all too easy. A few code changes here and there and the new version was passing all tests nicely. But then I started getting reports that the Win10 version didn’t start – and with an empty logfile there was little to go on. It worked fine on my build…

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Mac 5.0.0 version updated

The Mac version 5.0.0 has been updated to fix a couple of framework / shared lib search path issues. All the executables are now in the bundle so they can find their plugins. Symbolic links have been provided for cmd line users.

Glade 5.0

The long awaited Glade 5.0 is on its way. The main change is an update to Python 3.8, as 2.7 is now end of life. That, updating to swig 4.0.2 and modularising Glade with DLLs/shared libs has been the subject of quite a few late night’s work recently. It all needs thorough testing before release…

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