Build issues

There have been a few build issues with the 64bit Windows builds getting the 32 bit Qt libraries, which caused them to fail. These have been fixed and tested now. but please do report any issues with the builds if they occur again.

Version 5.0.64 & 5.0.65 bug

There was a bug introduced in version 5.0.64 / 4.7.103 that caused reading a library to either crash or fail to correctly set up techfile layers, Please update to version 5.0.66 / 4.7.105 asap.

Mac M1 build

The Mac M1 build had a few issues. The Python library path was incorrectly set, also a couple of the libraries and Gemini were built as x86_64 code, not arm64. This has now been fixed.

Signed Mac apps

The Mac versions of Glade have now been signed, so Gatekeeper should not use randomised path execution of the app (and hence fail to correctly initialise Python or read the basic library). Note you may still get a popup saying ‘Glade can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software’. If you do,…

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New Linux platform builds

Ubuntu 22.04 and Mint 21.1 (Cinnamon) have been added to the build list as native builds. Enjoy!

Mac M1 native arm64 port

The long awaited port of Glade to native M1 code on the Mac has finally happened. Preliminary results show it’s about 50% faster than the equivalent x86 Mac or emulation under Rosetta. There may be a few build dependency issues, if so please report them.

Crash on 5.0.54/4.7.93

An incorrect rpath to the Python framework on the most recent version caused a crash on Mac OSX. This has now been fixed and a new build uploaded. Thanks to those that reported it.

Python and OSX

Back last year Apple started discontinuing support for Python in OSX. Now, as of Monterey 12.3, Python is no longer shipped with the OS. There *is* a python3 exe in /usr/bin but that’s as far as it gets – no framework to build/link to. So as of now, the Mac version of Glade ships with…

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Linux rendering bug

Back in early November the Qt version for (most) Linux builds was updated to 5.15.7 from 5.15.2. This caused a rendering bug, it seems from a thread synchronisation issue. So as of 5.0.40/4.7.79 the Qt version for linux has been rolled back. The next update will be to Qt6 but that’s a way off as…

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