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OK, taking a look at the glade.exe built on my machine running Windows 7 (64 bit) with dependency walker, I also get a lot of missing DLLs (API-MS-WIN-*). There is some info on these DLLs here:

However, Glade runs just fine without them, as neither it nor the Qt libs call any functions from these DLLs. Dependency Walker doesn't know this alas, so it 'thinks' that it is a problem that they are missing.

I think these 'missing DLL' issues are a red herring, and your problem is that described in post #16 in this thread – i.e. you've got an incorrect python27.dll somewhere on your machine and are not using the python27.dll shipped in the installation directory. Look at which python27.dll you are picking up in dependency walker, and from where. If it's not from your Glade installation directory, then it's probably not the one you want…