Glade licensing

For a long time now Glade has been entirely free software. It’s being used by many different users – commercial, academic and individuals to design real circuits. As the user base has grown it has become necessary to support more users and to fund development, and this is hard to do under the current model. For example support for OpenAccess is on the roadmap, but a license costs $8000, which cannot be met with the current free model. So a change has been made for two versions: Firstly a free, unlicensed version suitable for academic and training purposes which restricts the size of a design that can be exported to industry standard formats. And secondly a licensed version that can export any sized design, and also provides some advanced DRC features for FINFET and similar small geometry processes. At just £100/year the license is still a very small fraction of commercial software costs! Comprehensive support is also available at low cost to those who need priority support for bugs and flow issues. For more details please contact us.

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