Python2 and Monterey

So as usual Apple introduce a new version of their OS, Monterey, and as usual it breaks things. Things you took for granted. Like Python, which ships with the OS as Python2, despite this being deprecated.

Now Apple could have dropped Python2 and switched to Python3 (and shipped that with the OS). But they didn’t, and instead they shipped the Python2 libraries but made them such that you can’t link to them. When you try, you get the helpful error message: ‘ld: cannot link directly with dylib/framework, your binary is not an allowed client of… libpython2.7.tdb’

Fortunately there is a workaround found by us here at Peardrop Design Systems. But it is a timely reminder that if you haven’t yet migrated to python3 (and hence Glade5) your time is running out.

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